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Best practice measures for a premium water storage solution

Best practice measures for a premium water storage solution

Ezinqoleni Essential Oils (PTY) Ltd is an established farming enterprise with a nursery and distillation plant in Paddock, KwaZulu-Natal. Supplying quality organic tea tree, rose geranium & rosemary seedlings to over 300 farmers in the vicinity, they also operate as a bulk trader of organically certified essential oils.

SBS® Solutions SA devised a solution that met the 100kl filtered water storage need, maintained at a constant temperature and acted as a heat exchanger, keeping the growing tunnels at a constant 21°C. A free-span dome roof kept dust out and a potable PVC liner contained the water, preventing it from making contact with the tank walls.  Made of polyyester yarn and coated with PVC, the liner is able to withstand high water temperatures for long durations. The design engineering of the tank allowed for the constant movement of water in and out of the tank.

By blending hot water from the distillery and cool water from the tank, with the water running through a reticulation system networked throughout the foundation of the seedling nursery the client was able to maintain the required temperature year-round.

With the installation of a single SBS® Tank, using best practice measures to minimise the risk of water shortage or loss, the need for multiple tanks and an array of manifolds was eliminated.

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