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Abeco Tanks becomes a beacon of hope in Botswana

Abeco Tanks becomes a beacon of hope in Botswana

Abeco Tanks stand strong as a beacon of hope all over Botswana as governments, industry and business turn to water storage solutions to ease water interruption challenges in the country.

Abeco has been actively engaged to meet high demand for its steel water tanks - a demand which it expects will continue well beyond 2022,” says Mannie Ramos Jnr, COO of Abeco, a pioneer in water storage solutions and a champion of water as the most important currency in Africa.

The manufacturing company has assisted the country and its various water projects with over 30 different-sized water tanks, and since the start of Covid 19 says Ramos, “We supplied storage for over 29ML (29000m3) of back up water supply for the communities in Botswana.”

Mining, agriculture, and Botswana’s vast desert ecosystem are the main users of water. Diamond mining in Botswana is a major source of income to the economy and diamond mining requires a fair amount of water supply.

Climate change is also a significant problem and there will continue to be a threat of changes in the rainfall pattern and rising temperatures.

The need for a water storage solution has become more desperate as residents, industry and business would sometimes go without water for weeks. It has been vital for the country to put plans in place for consistent water supply in the event of an interruption in the future.

Part of the manifesto of the current regime has been to ensure the supply of clean and running water to all its residents. The country has a large number of rural communities and in the past, not much money has been allocated to building infrastructure that ensures water supply to these communities.

In parts of the country women and children have to walk a fair distance to find water and take it home. They also don’t have the money for fuel to boil the water and are drinking unhygienic water resulting in water-borne diseases.

The government has actively been putting plans in place to combat all of the water supply problems in the country and Abeco Tanks has been and continues to be a proud contributor to the solution.

One community project that has been completed is the Northeast Tutume Water Scheme Project, the Tutume Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) addressed the need for desperate water supply to the villages of Nkange and parts of Shashe West constituencies. They erected Abeco tanks across identified sites in Makuta, Goshwe, Maitengwe and Tutume to ease resident’s pain.

The Gumare Water Project also installed Abeco tanks as part of their mandate to supply treated clean water to six villages by treating raw water from the Okavango River.

Abeco’s tanks have also been supplied to Maun - part of the Maun Water Supply, the Fields Shopping Mall, the Khoemacau Mine close to Maun, and the tank manufacturer is currently supplying the new Tshukudu Mine in the Northwest region of the country.

Abeco also supplied ground-level Water tanks to the water supply project in the East of Palapye.

Abeco Tanks has been supplying Africa with water storage solutions for close to 40 years. They were the first to develop the concept of “water banks” where water is saved up for the day when there will be an interruption in the water supply.

The company manufactures high-quality steel water tanks of any shape and size. Due to their modular design, these tanks can be installed and erected to any size all over Africa in remote and non-remote areas. They are easy to transport and easy to put up not requiring any heavy or complicated machinery.

The steel is hot-dipped galvanised ensuring no corrosion over time and ensuring no penetration of UV light to the water causing algae build up. The water is therefore hygienic and drinkable.

The tanks can be erected close to rural communities and have multiple taps eliminating the need for the residents to walk long distances and stand in queues.

The company’s foresight along with their desire to provide a high-quality solution has proven to save many lives across Africa. This innovative company along with its reputation for supplying quality products and exceptional customer service has successfully assisted Botswana with a reliable water storage and supply solution.