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27 June 2017
21 Jul 2016
Soaring DRDGold adds R14bn a year to economy as it turns waste to gold
By taking material that has been dumped as waste and turning it into gold, DRDGold is adding R14-billion worth of value a year to the South African economy and unlocking scarce real estate for...
01 Nov 2015
AfriForum: Water time bomb explodes, as predicted by AfriForum
“The water ticking time bomb has exploded, and water shedding has become a reality in South Africa,” AfriForum said, following the announcement of water shedding by the Minister of Water and...
29 Jul 2015
Scientists say there is ‘no debate’ that SA is experiencing a ‘water crisis’
Leading water scientists say it is no longer debatable that South Africa is experiencing a water crisis given that there are already serious problems in supplying enough water of sufficient quality...
09 Jul 2015
CC: Statement on the decisions of the Competition Commission
1.    Key decisions on Mergers and Acquisitions 1.1      Large Mergers Proposed merger between Traxys Africa (Pty) Ltd (Traxys) and Metmar Limited (Metmar) The Commission has recommended to the...
19 Aug 2014
Johannesburg's appalling air quality: We can't let Sasol and Eskom off the hook
The South African Civil Society Information Service
The air in the interior of South Africa is amongst some of the most polluted in the world. It is killing our people. We see photographs and reports of air pollution in China and elsewhere but...
20 Feb 2014
SA: Statement by AfriForum, civil rights organisation, receives #RAKnomination and challenges Water Affairs (22/02/2014)
Civil rights organisation AfriForum received its #RAKnomination from Solidarity’s Helping Hand, and responded by replacing a water filtration system at Hartbeespoort High School, North West....
13 Feb 2014
EWT: Statement by the Endangered Wildlife Trust, environmental organisation, on National Awareness Day for threatened amphibians (13/02/2014)
The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is holding its second National Awareness Day for threatened amphibians on the 28th of February 2014 – a date now designated as Leap Day for Frogs! The day will...
08 Jan 2014
Our Agricultural System is Destroying the Earth and Our Health
The South African Civil Society Information Service
Over the course of the past century our food supply has shifted from local to global. Most food our grandparents ate was grown regionally, often by neighbourhood farmers. Today our food comes from...
11 Dec 2013
National key point provides water to 10m daily
State-owned water utility Rand Water’s Vereeniging-based Zuikerbosch water purification plant, which has been named a National Key Point, provides purified water to more than ten-million people a...
01 Aug 2013
SA: Statement Department of Water Affairs, on sustainable water supply for Nelson Mandela Bay Metro and surrounding areas (01/08/2013)
The Department of Water Affairs together with the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro (NMBM) is intensifying efforts to improve water security in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro area amid concerns over the...
11 Feb 2013
Foreign aid and corruption: Their relationship and the Ugandan Government’s quandary - Part 1
While it has been a vital necessity for the socio-economic development of its beneficiaries (usually developing countries), foreign aid money has acted as a source of corruption. If not handled...
06 Feb 2013
SA: Mamphela Ramphele: Address by Gold Fields chairperson, during the Mining Indaba 2013, Cape Town (06/02/2013)
Good morning distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. These are difficult times to be in the mining industry – even more so than a year ago when I first addressed you at the Mining Indaba. At...
12 Jul 2012
SA: Statement by BP Shiba, Executive Mayor of Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality, on the water crisis in Carolina (12/07/2012)
Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality under the stewardship of Executive Mayor Councillor BP Shiba is a responsible institution that accepts the reality that no democracy will flourish unless the...
04 Nov 2011
Hope in the trees and a culture of peace: The legacy of Wangari Maathai
The late Wangari Muta Maathai is beautifully compared to the strong Acacia trees she fought so hard to protect – “strong in character and able to survive sometimes the harshest of conditions.”(2)...
22 Feb 2011
SA: Manyi: Transcript of the post Cabinet briefing, Cape Town (22/02/2011)

Date: 22/02/2011
Source: The South African Government
Title: SA: Manyi: Transcript of the post Cabinet briefing, Cape Town


Journalist: On the Acid Mine...


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