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27 June 2017
02 Jun 2016
dti: The dti invites companies to showcase products at the West African Power Industry Convention in Nigeria
The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) invites companies in the electro-technical sector to apply for participation in the West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC) exhibition taking...
31 Mar 2016
DST: Science and Technology on unveiling of prototype hydrogen-powered forklift
South Africa's first prototype hydrogen fuel cell forklift and refuelling station was unveiled at Impala Refining Services in Springs today (31 March) in an exciting development that will boost...
09 Nov 2015
Eskom: No load shedding anticipated
The electricity system is constrained but stable, and we do not anticipate the implementation of load shedding. Thus far, we have had 53 consecutive days of no load shedding. We continue to appeal...
09 Oct 2015
Eskom: Power system constrained this morning
The risk of load shedding is high from 06:00 this morning until 22:00 this evening due to a shortage of generation capacity as some of our generating units tripped last night and this morning....
Risk of load-shedding high, warns Eskom
Eskom on Friday warned that the risk of load shedding was high from as early as 06:00 until 22:00 after some of its units tripped on Thursday evening and on Friday morning. The power utility said...
08 Oct 2015
Eskom: No load shedding anticipated
The system is stable again today with a low risk of load shedding. The high daytime temperatures associated with the heatwave in some parts of the country increases the demand during the day due to...
07 Oct 2015
Eskom: Eskom marks 60 days of only 2 hours and 20 minutes of load shedding
The probability of load shedding remains low today as we mark 60 days of only 2 hours and 20 minutes of load shedding. And, since it was stage 1 load shedding, this meant that 96% of South Africans...
27 May 2013
Regulatory guidelines around fracking
Bowman Gilfillan
South Africa’s semi-desert, known as the Karoo, could potentially be wealthy in its excessive reserves of shale gas. According to America’s Energy Information Administration (EIA), it is thought...
13 Jul 2007
Stadium report card, highways investment plan, science business
Real Economy
There is little doubt that there has been immense pressure from all sides, including FIFA, for South Africa to begin showing visible progress in and around the ten selected stadiums sites for the...
07 Jan 2003
Arms inspectors fan out across Iraq
1 News in Review
Teams of United Nations inspectors fanned out across Iraq today and over the weekend to continue their probe of facilities for possible evidence of weapons of mass destruction.

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