Tshwane focused on infrastructure expansion

19th May 2017 By: Anine Kilian - Contributing Editor Online

The Tshwane municipality has allocated R1.3-billion to maintain and repair infrastructure, which will be the backbone of Tshwane’s developmental agenda.

Speaking at a post-budget breakfast media briefing, on Friday, Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga stated that Tshwane’s industrial zones were the key to alleviating poverty and creating jobs.

The infrastructure upgrades themselves will create about 23 000 jobs, he said.

“This will also serve to catalyse economic activity in township economies by creating a more conducive business environment through the delivery of expanded and reliable services and transport links.”

He noted that more than R600-million would be invested in infrastructure upgrades in the Rosslyn, Ekangala and Waltloo industrial zones.

Msimanga stated that the integrated development plan had been formulated to meet the strategic objectives and outcomes of the City of Tshwane’s Vision 2030.
“We want to create a Tshwane of opportunity by growing the city’s economy and creating jobs to ensure an inclusive society, where as many people [as possible] can share in Tshwane’s prosperity,” he said.

Msimanga added that the city’s ability to invest in service infrastructure would be boosted by stopping corruption and low-value contracts.

“We recognise that infrastructure-led growth will be the key to unlocking the potential of Tshwane,” he said.
Msimanga added that the expansion, upgrade and refurbishment of water and electricity infrastructure, road networks and public transport, where necessary, would allow for greater commercial activity across the city.

He further stressed that service delivery and infrastructure expansion would be particularly important in township areas.