Renewed focus for construction equipment supplier

13th October 2017 By: Simone Liedtke - Writer

Renewed focus for construction equipment supplier

PREFERRED SUPPLIER Renttech SA is the preferred supplier of welding, power generation, lifting and rigging equipment to buy or rent in

Welding and construction equipment-related supplier Renttech South Africa (SA) aims to provide an “unmatched” range of construction equipment for sale or to rent for the construction industry as part of its goal to grow consistently and sustainably.

Renttech SA MD Duncan Whitehead says the company’s valued client relationships are pivotal, and, as such, it will strive to improve its service to new and existing customers.

He enthuses that Renttech SA is the preferred supplier of welding, power generation, lifting and rigging equipment to buy or rent in – amongst others - the engineering, industrial, construction, pulp and paper, petrochemicals, power generation and agriculture sectors across Southern and sub-Saharan Africa.

“Our strategy moving forward is one of ‘business as usual’ – with a renewed focus,” states Whitehead, who took over as MD in March this year and brings three decades of senior management experience in the aviation, industrial and mining sectors.

In terms of improving customer service, Whitehead is keen to pursue several opportunities, as industry and technology are constantly changing.

“As Renttech is very much a solutions-driven company, we need to be ‘ahead of the curve’ – taking advantage of new technology to assist our customers in being more productive, energy efficient and cost-effective, with the end-goal of improving their bottom-line and returns-on-investment,” he explains.

Customers can also take advantage of the rental option. When considering buying a major equipment item, such as a latest-technology industrial welder or generator, they can rent a unit from Renttech to ensure that it meets their expectations before buying it.

In terms of Renttech’s fleet renewal and enhancement drive, Whitehead says the company has analysed every asset class to ensure that there is sufficient capacity to meet customer and market demand, and requirements.

“The enhancement drive is continuous, as Renttech reinvests and renews its fleet to ensure that every time a customer rents a piece of equipment, this customer gets the crucial ‘as new’ experience.”

Renttech’s construction equipment rental fleet consists of equipment such as engine-driven welders, generators, lighting towers, compressors, rammers and plate compactors, with skilled quality controllers and technicians to maintain the fleet and ensure that only equipment which meets Renttech’s high standards is rented out.

In light of the company’s support of the construction industry, Whitehead promises that the company will strive to find more ways of improving customer service, such as providing customers with the latest and best technology.

An example of this technology, he notes, is Renttech’s new range of lighting towers, launched in May this year, which use light-emitting diode technology ensuring that the towers are more energy and cost-efficient.

The company further supports clients through its “seamless” relationships with original-equipment manufacturer suppliers, which ensure that the world’s best technologies are available to local clients.

“Renttech SA is also sourcing innovative and technologically-advanced equipment, and will soon launch various exciting items of this nature in the near future,” Whitehead adds, noting that appropriate new technologies will facilitate greater efficiency and the ability to deliver projects on time and within budget.

He adds that the company is constantly seeking to roll out new and often very cost-effective technologies, which will assist customers with profitability.

Commenting further, Whitehead says while operating in Africa does offer great opportunities there are associated challenges. For example, moving rental equipment from South Africa to pan-African clients means effectively exporting the equipment to the destination country and then re-importing it into South Africa at contract-end.

Subsequently, the company tends to favour longer-term African projects in sub-Saharan Africa, evaluating each case on individual merits.

“A service that Renttech does offer its African clients is the calibration and maintenance of their existing machines, as well as the sale of capital equipment and consumables,” he adds.

He notes that construction is a fundamental industrial and infrastructural activity, and by its very nature, new opportunities will constantly arise. “Renttech will ensure that it has the people and equipment ready to meet these future requirements from industry.”