Refurbishments a cheaper alternative

11th May 2018 By: Paige Müller - Creamer Media Reporter

Industrial equipment supplier Goscor Group will showcase its Doosan Pro-5 series forklift refurbishments – aimed at providing the farming industry with quality lifting solutions at affordable prices – at this year’s Nampo Harvest Day.

Goscor Rental Company sales manager Tanya Brummer tells Engineering News that, while the company has always done equipment refurbishments for industrial capital equipment on a smaller scale, it opened a full equipment refurbishment centre, in Kempton Park, in March last year. The purpose of the centre is to provide industry professionals with a more affordable solution to heavy-lifting capital equipment requirements when most industries have been looking towards cutting input costs.

She explains that, since the company’s focus on more extensive equipment refurbishment, its standards of technical equipment refurbishment have significantly improved. The company now operates with a team of technicians who “has proven its ability to make previously used machines as good as new”.

Therefore, the company aims to showcase the quality of its forklift refurbishments to the agriculture industry at this year’s Nampo Harvest Day.

“In these challenging economic times, it is sometimes difficult for farmers to buy new capital equipment and we have, therefore, made the refurbishment route a viable and reliable alternative.”

Brummer states that Goscor’s refurbished forklifts are supplied from the company’s division that deals with long-term rentals. Owing to the company keeping extensive records of the condition of its long-term rental equipment, it knows exactly what condition each forklift is in when it is refurbished. Further, the company also offers a full-service history on each piece of equipment that is refurbished and sold.

She states that all refurbishments include extensive engine care, such as engine compression testing, and are fully load tested to ensure machine strength. Goscor includes a three-month guarantee and a free service for every refurbished forklift.

“The advantage of buying a refurbished forklift from Goscor is that the company is a Doosan agent, not a dealer, therefore, a reputable company that knows its way around Doosan products,” says Brummer.

She states that being a Doosan agent assures clients that, although refurbished equipment will cost “a fraction of the cost” of buying new equipment, they will still be assured the highest-quality equipment.

Goscor will also exhibit its robust oil-cooled disc brake system, which is enclosed and, thus, eliminates outside contamination by abrasive or corrosive dust particles. The company states that the system significantly reduces operating costs, provides five times the braking power of other systems and includes a 60-month, unlimited hours guarantee.