Probiotic composting system recognised in environmental awards

22nd April 2016 By: Dylan Slater - Creamer Media Staff Writer and Photographer

Manufacturer of sustainable probiotic- based products Probio’s Bokashi Composter system was to receive recognition at the yearly Eco-Logic Awards for its ability to reduce greenhouse gases.

Probio was to receive a certificate of merit in the Climate Change Award category on April 21 at the gala event, at the Table Bay Hotel, in Cape Town.

The award is the result of Probio’s initiative to divert food waste from landfill sites, with the company collaborating with local households, businesses and communities to reduce their carbon footprint by turning waste into a valu- able resource using the Bokashi Composter system.

Subsequently, more than 46 000 t of waste has been diverted from landfill sites and more than 10 000 t of methane has been prevented from entering the atmosphere since 2012.

The Bokashi Composter system combines the power of beneficial microorganisms with the technological advances of applied science. The system uses Bokashi (wheat bran that has been inoculated with probiotic microbes) and a Probio Bokashi Composter bin that makes composting simple by turning waste from a kitchen into an organic soil conditioner.

The system is fast, has a small footprint and ensures that food waste is treated quickly and easily, mitigating the release of unpleasant odours. In addition, the composting system contains no ingredients that are harmful to humans, animals or plants.

The Eco-Logic Awards identifies and recognises individuals, organisations, products and services that are making a real and measurable difference in creating a more sustainable world.

Probio also received recognition in 2014, when it was awarded a certificate of merit in the Recycling Award category as an organisation contributing to a greater public understanding and participation in waste reduction, reuse and recycling.