NOSHCON 2018 highlights the implications of trends and technology in the safety space

29th August 2018

NOSHCON 2018 highlights the implications of trends and technology in the safety space

NOSA is once again proud to host NOSHCON, a leading risk management conference, and welcomes key industry participants as we discuss the latest developments in the sphere of managing and mitigating business risk.

Our industry is operating in an ever-changing environment. NOSA itself has experienced a level of transformation recently, and for the first time, the NOSA Group of companies will present NOSHCON as a single, integrated entity, with each division focused on its own set of products. This same change is reflected in the safety industry as a whole, with the emergence of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupation (QCTO), and the publication of the ISO 45001 standard. There is a greater call for accountability – for instance, the Institute for Work at Height (IWH) will soon insist on every facilitator (conducting working at height training) to themselves hold certain qualifications.

This is the optimal time to apply a greater influence to developments within the industry, especially with regards to current safety challenges. The broad theme of NOSHCON 2018 covers the evolution of HSEQ and the legislation that informs it. Highlights of this include keynote speaker Vusi Thembekwayo, venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur, whose topic on ‘leading at the edge of chaos’ will set the tone for the day’s focus, as well as expert speakers such as Myandren Pillay and Andrew Hay, whose topics on security and driver safety underscore the relevance of continuing to offer these platforms.

We are extremely privileged to be surrounded by some of the most influential and knowledgeable people in our industry, which will give every attendee the opportunity to interact and learn from one another, and undoubtedly make a meaningful difference in managing the risk at your company.

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