Innovative surfactants enhance firefighting

25th August 2017 By: Simone Liedtke - Writer

Innovative surfactants  enhance firefighting

LOURENS JANSEN VAN RENSBURG iFire is an ideal water-treatment agent to improve the wetting capability of water which, in turn, enhances its firefighting capability

Owing to ongoing drought conditions and a more intense fire season expected in South Africa, environmental solutions company I-CAT has developed innovative surfactants to boost the fire-extinguishing and dust-suppression capability and effectiveness of water.

“iFire is an ideal water- treatment agent to improve the wetting capability of water, which, in turn, enhances its firefighting capability,” I-CAT marketing director Lourens Jansen van Rensburg explains. It also results in a dramatic reduction in the quantity of water used, thereby contributing to the conservation of this scarce resource.

iFire comprises macromolecules that function as an active surface agent to lower the surface tension of water and other liquids. The properties of the liquid in question are effectively manipulated in order to reduce the magnetic charge of the constituent particles, thereby reducing the surface tension.

Jansen van Rensburg enthuses that iFire is at the forefront of technical innovation in the firefighting industry as a result. The effectiveness of water-based firefighting equipment is enhanced by the iFire additive, allowing water to penetrate deeper into the burning fuel source, such as wood or grass.

“This is critical because it also reduces the time needed to extinguish a fire, while eliminating the possibility of extinguished fires reigniting,” notes Jansen van Rensburg. “The quicker a fire is brought under control, the lower the loss of assets and potential life will be,” he notes.

Company Promises Commitment

Meanwhile, I-CAT aims to become market leaders in environmental management and related services and products.

“Through our professionalism, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, providing efficient service, adding value to their business and providing them with a competitive edge,” the company enthuses.

The company’s vision is to develop and grow a company where honesty, integrity, trust and diligence are a priority and where suppliers, clients, employees and all other role-players “will feel confident and proud to be associated with I-CAT”.

Private ownership enables the company to make “rapid decisions” as well as to take long-term views on new markets and opportunities.

“Supporting our customers and suppliers often means providing services beyond our core business of environmental management,” the company notes, adding that services to customers and suppliers can also be provided through one of I-CAT’s five divisions.

Divisions of I-CAT include I-CAT Environmental Solutions, I-CAT Dust Solutions, I-CAT Fire Solutions, I-CAT Water Solutions and I-CAT Agri-Forestry Solutions.

The company says its passion, enthusiasm, motivation and commitment help build a service offering enabling people to be successful and ensuring that the company “challenges and outperforms” competitors.

“We will take our social responsibility seriously by creating job opportunities where personal advancement and self-growth will be developed and invest in the communities where we operate,” the company avers.