Partnership expands range for sector

5th August 2016 By: Simon Sonnekus - writer

South Africa-based fertiliser company Advanced Agri has expanded its fertiliser range by introducing two specialised products for various farming disciplines.

According to Advanced Agri director Frank Winder, the EcoCal range for crop farmers and Graze range for livestock farmers are calcium-based soil treatments that provide comprehensive soil solutions for different soil types.

“Both ranges allow for soil nutrition needs to be met, no matter the soil type, nutrient deficiency, the crop to be planted or . . . climate conditions,” he notes.

Winder adds that calcium remains a critical element in fertiliser and in agriculture as a whole. He avers that, in the current economic conditions, precision has become a critical part of business, including agriculture, and never before has it been possible to calculate fertiliser ratios with absolute precision. The reaction potential of calcium in a high-quality, ultrafine (>40 micron) carbonate form in the agricultural environment provides extremely predictable reactivity.

“The role of calcium in fertiliser has been played down in the past, as traditional lime-gypsum application methods were used, but because of the uniform high quality of the raw materials and the standardised ultrafine particle size of the calcitic and dolomitic lime, the products are more reactive than traditional fertilisers.

Winder notes that traditional agricultural lime may take years to react, while it is possible that coarse agriculture lime may take a lifetime, or more, to react.

He adds that Advanced Agri has supplied both ranges to farmers in South Africa, and customers that have used the product will use it on a larger scale in the next production year.

The company has also added three variants to the EcoCal range: Calsu – an ultrafine granulated calcitic limestone product that is ideal for areas where soil displays high levels of magnesium, Dolca – a dolomitic limestone product for areas lacking magnesium, and Sulca – a granulated micro-fine calcium sulphate that assists in improving soil quality and stability.

The Graze range features a blend of high-quality fertiliser and various kinds of granulated micronised limestone that ensures optimum nitrogen uptake.

“As with all of Advanced Agri’s products, recommendations to farmers are based on the best blend made according to soil analysis results. “The fertilisers in the range are blended with volatilisation and leaching-efficient nitrogen to address nitrogen fertilisation issues and manage the soil’s acidity. They are especially valuable in addressing sub-soil acidity and may be easily placed in the furrow.”

Winder points out that the current partnership involving Advanced Agri is experiencing a significant upward trajectory.

“With one of the most respected suppliers of high-quality limestone supplying the necessary raw materials and Advanced Agri providing the technical, marketing and sales skills, the partnership is a synergy between the strengths of both parties,” he concludes.