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Recycling & Waste Management News

Durban High Court lifts Shongweni landfill interdict

By: African News Agency      22nd June 2018 An interdict brought by a Durban community preventing national waste management firm EnviroServ from operating its Shongweni-based hazardous landfill site was lifted by the Durban High Court on Thursday. Judge Johan Ploos van Amstel lifted the restrictive interdict claiming it had served its... 

NGOs rate South Africa’s transition to a green economy at five out of ten

By: Nadine James     21st June 2018 Nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) on Thursday released the findings of new research, which describes South Africa’s transition to a low-carbon, sustainable and inclusive future as “stuck in first gear”, with ambitious policies but slow implementation. The ‘South Africa Green Economy... 

Emission abatement technology could drive industrialisation – EPCM Global

By: Nadine James     20th June 2018 South African firm EPCM Global Engineering has partnered with Luxembourg-based Carbon Process & Plant Engineering (CPPE) to bring its emissions abatement technology to Africa, in a move that could spur industrialisation, says EPCM Global CEO Tumi Kgomo. He explains that the technology, which was... 

Technology at the fore

By: Halima Frost     15th June 2018 Various speakers discussed new technologies and applications in the thermoplastic welding industry at the Thermoplastics Welding Technology Day, hosted by industry body Plastics SA last month. The discussions ranged from single-user welding technology to new applications (apps) revolutionising... 

Technology at the fore
PRODUCTS ON DISPLAY The new Hurner Smartline butt welding machine and clamp was on show

Carbon-content waste disposal rethought

By: Paige Müller     15th June 2018 In light of the Department of Environmental Affairs’ (DEA’s) imminent ban on all forms of liquid waste to landfill set for August 2019 and the ban on hazardous waste to landfill with a calorific value greater than 25 MJ/kg since August 2017, waste management service provider Interwaste states... 

Carbon-content waste disposal rethought
WASTE-DERIVED FUEL Interwaste has invested a significantly in the development of alternative waste solutions aimed at turning harmful waste into waste-derived fuel

Averda launches hazardous waste management system

By: Nadine James     15th June 2018 Healthcare institutions have a legal duty to ensure that their hazardous waste is managed responsibly, and Averda has introduced the Averda TruTrak to demonstrate its commitment to the responsible management of hazardous waste products. Averda South Africa healthcare head Eugene Barnard explains... 

Averda launches hazardous waste management system
EUGENE BARNARD The Averda TruTrak system enables clients to access automated waste-tracking and record-keeping capabilities through an online client portal

Petco confident in South Africa’s PET recycling resilience

By: Marleny Arnoldi     7th June 2018 Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling company Petco describes 2017 as one of the most challenging years for the company, with a 13% year-on-year consumption decline in the local PET market.  

Petco confident in South Africa’s PET recycling resilience
Photo by Marleny Arnoldi
Petco chairperson Dr Casper Durandt speaks at the Petco AGM

UN, CSIR Africa Waste Management Outlook considers African context

By: Marleny Arnoldi     5th June 2018 The starting point for the ‘Africa Waste Management Outlook’, which was launched by the United Nations (UN) and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Resources (CSIR) on Tuesday, was the global waste management outlook that was published by the UN in 2015.  

UN, CSIR Africa Waste Management Outlook considers African context
Photo by Marleny Arnoldi
CSIR principal scientist Professor Linda Godfrey speaking at the launch of the Africa Waste Management Outlook

UN, CSIR launch Africa waste management outlook

By: Marleny Arnoldi     5th June 2018 The United Nations (UN) Environment Programme and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) on Tuesday released Africa’s first consolidated waste management outlook, which seeks to outline and address the impact of mismanaged waste on the continent.  

UN, CSIR launch Africa waste management outlook
Electronic waste dumped in Africa by developed countries to supposedly be reused, can end up in landfills

By 2050 there may be more plastic in oceans than fish – UN

By: News24Wire      5th June 2018 Plastic pollution in the oceans has reached a stage where microplastics – pieces smaller than 5mm – now outnumber stars in our galaxy, according to UN secretary general António Guterres. And by 2050, he says, if present trends continue, there will be more plastic in the world's oceans than fish.... 

Hilton hotels to cut down on plastic waste

By: Anine Kilian     23rd May 2018 The Hilton hotel group will remove plastic straws and plastic water bottles from its 650 managed properties by the end of this year. The company on Wednesday revealed its goal of cutting its global environmental impact in half by 2030. 

Western Cape's mounting rubbish problem

By: News24Wire      21st May 2018 "We have a serious waste problem in the Western Cape. We are running out of landfill space," MEC for environmental affairs Anton Bredell warned in a press release. The Western Cape generated approximately three million tonnes of waste in 2017 according to the government. The City of Cape Town... 

Plastic bottle recycling hits record

By: Simone Liedtke     16th May 2018 Despite tough trading conditions and a fall of 13% in the total polyethylene terephthalate (PET) market, the South African plastic industry recycled a record 2.15-billion PET plastic bottles in 2017. With a post-consumer recycling rate of 65%, the country is on par with international standards,... 

Molewa invites public comment on waste tyre management plans

By: Marleny Arnoldi     11th May 2018 Environmental Affairs Minister Dr Edna Molewa has given notice in the Government Gazette of four industry waste tyre management plans.  

Molewa invites public comment on waste tyre management plans
Photo by Creamer Media
Environmental Affairs Minister Dr Edna Molewa

Hillbrow protesters vow to continue waste collection protests

By: News24Wire      10th May 2018 Hillbrow protesters have vowed to continue their campaign against Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba over the collection of rubbish in the city, despite arrests. On Thursday morning, protesters marched in Wolmaraans Street and burnt barricades of trash, causing serious traffic delays. "We want to... 

Reclaimers ‘dispossessed’ in Joburg’s waste-based commodity frontier

By: Marleny Arnoldi     26th April 2018 Initiatives to integrate reclaimers, or waste pickers, into Johannesburg’s waste management programme have resulted in new forms of dispossession of reclaimers, says University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) human geography senior lecturer Dr Melanie Samson.  

M&R Water, partner launch innovative wastewater treatment demo plant

By: Shirley le Guern     25th April 2018 Murray & Roberts Water (MRW), together with its European technology partner, Organica Water, on Wednesday launched an innovative, environment-friendly wastewater treatment plant that closely resembles a greenhouse at the eThekwini municipality’s Verulam Wastewater Treatment Works. The first of... 

M&R Water, partner launch innovative wastewater treatment demo plant

Pikitup spends over R12m on refurbishing its garden sites 

By: Anine Kilian     12th April 2018 The City of Johannesburg’s waste management company Pikitup is spending more than R12-million on renovating and upgrading its garden sites in line with its strategic objective of encouraging recycling and diverting 97% of waste away from landfill sites.  The entity is refurbishing and upgrading... 

Mathe Group expands tyre recycling facility, despite Redisa demise

By: Irma Venter     9th April 2018 The Mathe Group’s Hammarsdale plant, in KwaZulu-Natal, has quadrupled employment and more than doubled output since coming on stream in 2016, says the tyre recycler. Dr Mehran Zarrebini, head of British investment group PFE International, which is one of the major shareholders in the Mathe Group,... 

Mathe Group expands tyre recycling facility, despite Redisa demise

Spar Eastern Cape declares war on plastic bags

By: Simone Liedtke     6th April 2018 Spar Eastern Cape (EC) has declared a war on plastic bags as part of the retailer’s efforts to help protect the environment. Spar EC plans to launch an initiative that urges customers to consider alternative grocery packaging options. 

Spar Eastern Cape declares war on plastic bags
Spar Eastern Cape plans to launch an initiative that urges customers to consider alternative grocery packaging options

School children recycle waste for food

By: News24Wire      4th April 2018 In Colchester, primary school pupils recycle plastic bottles and tins in exchange for school stationery, clothing and food. Thamara Gqogqani, a Grade 7 pupil, says she is always on the lookout for empty plastic bottles and metal tins, which she stores at her home. "This is helping my family very... 

Nigerian government invites tenders for environmental remediation project

By: Marleny Arnoldi     4th April 2018 The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) is seeking to appoint environmental remedial contractors for phase one of its Remediation of Hydrocarbon Impacted sites in Ogoni project.  

Nigerian government invites tenders for environmental remediation project

Renewability driving forest and paper industry

By: Victor Moolman     30th March 2018 Renewable commercial forests that supply the pulp, paper and board industry with wood fibre provide key environmental services and conserve our indigenous forests, says Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (Pamsa) executive director Jane Molony. “Commercially grown trees have helped to... 

Lack of carton collection reduces recycling processes

By: Victor Moolman     30th March 2018 Although paper and plastics packaging company Mpact has been processing liquid packaging successfully, not enough cartons are being collected to use for recycling. “Consumers don’t realise that liquid packaging, such as juice and milk cartons, are actually recyclable. We need to put in an effort... 

PETCo, partners relieve pressure on Western Cape recycling capacity

By: Simone Liedtke     20th March 2018 Owing to an all-time-high demand for plastic bottles in the Western Cape region, the province’s recycling capacity is at maximum production and unable to process the additional influx of bottles. In an attempt to overcome this challenge and to prevent additional bottles being sent to landfill... 

Association urges producers to meet standards

By: Simone Liedtke     16th March 2018 There is a strong need for all bottled, or packaged, water producers to comply with stringent legislation and meet globally benchmarked standards to prevent gross disservice to the bottled water industry and the consumer, says South African National Bottled Water Association CEO Charlotte Metcalf. 

Association urges producers to meet standards
CHARLOTTE METCALF The quality of municipal water in South Africa is high, but it does vary daily

Cape Town launches two landfill gas projects, working towards more 

By: Schalk Burger     2nd March 2018 The City of Cape Town’s Department of Solid Waste Management on Friday launched gas extraction and flaring systems at the Coastal Park and Bellville South landfills, while a similar system is under development at the Vissershok South landfill. Each system comprises a wellfield made up of a... 

Water preservation and treatment industry expected to grow

By: Simone Liedtke     2nd March 2018 Water preservation and treatment industries - from harvesting rainwater to the recycling of grey water and purification to potable water, as well as desalinating sea water - will vastly grow in importance globally, says Johannesburg-based valve manufacturer and supplier AVK Holding Southern... 

Water preservation  and treatment industry expected to grow
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES The Cape Town City Council is investigating advance leak- and pressure-detection technology to improve non-revenue water management within the region

SA company exploring nuclear, other opportunities abroad

By: Nadine James     2nd March 2018 South Africa-based engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company Lesedi Nuclear Services’ current plans surrounding diversification into biomass, waste-to-energy and gas projects as well as its targeted geographical expansion is supported by the company’s niche expertise in bespoke... 

China puts responsbility for battery recycling on makers of electric vehicles

By: Reuters     26th February 2018 China will make manufacturers of electric vehicles (EV) responsible for setting up facilities to collect and recycle spent batteries, as part of its efforts to tackle mounting waste in the sector, say new rules published on Monday. China, which began promoting electric cars in 2009, aims to... 

Fresh legal challenge in 'big stink' landfill battle

By: News24Wire      8th February 2018 The row over the "rotten egg, big stink" - said to come from a landfill site adjoining the Durban suburbs of Hillcrest and Shongweni - has intensified, with a fresh legal challenge seeking to compel the relevant ministers and departments to take action against the site’s owners, waste management... 

Battle looms over Cape Town green waste tender

By: News24Wire      1st February 2018 A battle is looming over a green waste tender in the City of Cape Town as a key contract is appealed, sparking rumours that drop-off points will be closed. The City of Cape Town has, however, rejected assertions that green waste drop-off sites will be closed because of the tender dispute. 

City of Johannesburg, private sector joins hands in innovative recycling project

By: Megan van Wyngaardt     30th January 2018 Adcock Ingram Critical Care, Netcare, Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba and the City of Johannesburg, this week launched a project that recycles used, nonhazardous intravenous infusion drip bags and tubing made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to produce soles for school shoes. As part of the... 

Urgent need to recycle, reuse natural resources – report

By: Natasha Odendaal     23rd January 2018 A new global circularity metric unveiled in Davos, Switzerland, has revealed an urgent need to use the world’s resources more efficiently and create policies and economic infrastructure that encourages the recycling and reuse of natural resources. The Circle Economy’s first ‘Circularity Gap’... 

Coca-Cola increases recycling efforts to contribute to waste-free world

By: Megan van Wyngaardt     19th January 2018 To battle the increasing number of plastic items on landfills and in the world’s oceans, beverage giant Coco-Cola plans to take one can or bottle “back”, for every bottle or can sold globally, by 2030. “We are fundamentally reshaping our approach to packaging, with a global goal to help collect... 

Coca-Cola increases recycling efforts to contribute to waste-free world

Mitigating plastic’s negative public image

By: Marleny Arnoldi     19th January 2018 Continued local and international pressure to ban plastic bags and other single-use plastics, as cited in the media and social media, is at an all-time high, says plastic industry representative body Plastics South Africa (Plastics SA).  

Mitigating plastic’s negative public image
BERNHARD MAHL The characteristics of plastics, including being lightweight, versatile and durable, allow for a strong contribution to a more environmentally sustainable South Africa

Recycling rate increases, boding well for environment

By: Marleny Arnoldi     19th January 2018 The latest plastics recycling figures released by industry body Plastics South Africa (Plastics SA) indicate that South Africans are recycling more plastics than before, which bodes well for local environmental sustainability.  

Recycling rate increases, boding well for environment
Photo by Bloomberg
RESIN FOR REUSE The largest market (comprising 20%) for recyclate is flexible packaging with low-density polyethylene sold to refuse and carrier bag manufacturers
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