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Cova Advisory & Associates Profile

Cova Advisory & Associates offer the following services:

Cova offers a comprehensive service to companies on the grants and incentives offered by the South African Government.

This includes assessment of projects to determine the best support scheme/s which are available, and full assistance with the drawing up of applications, liaison with Government agencies and the vital follow-up on successful applications to ensure all the criteria for sustained support are met.

Our expert team can help with:

- Education and training of clients on the workings of the incentive and grant value chain

- High level advisory on which grants and incentives are most appropriate for the project

- Feasibility studies on grants and incentives at a project level

- Assisting clients with the application process - ranging from an advisory role to full outsourcing

- Preparing and reviewing claims and progress reports, to ensure full benefits are received

- Advising clients on the latest developments on grants and incentives

- Providing advice on the location of projects, to ensure possible incentives are taken into account in all aspects of an investment decision

- Advising on various industry-specific incentives and grants.


With increased awareness of the dangers of global warming, and governments stepping up their penalties for energy consumption and their rewards for energy savings, Cova Advisory is ideally placed to help companies to understand the challenges and to reap the rewards of going green. Many clients are initially unaware of the scale of benefits which can be derived from greater energy awareness, and the doors which can slam shut if they do not take the issue seriously.

In South Africa, there is a trend to link State fiscal incentives to energy efficiency requirements. Companies which seek to unlock money from Government must demonstrate what they are doing to improve energy efficiency, and to reduce energy consumption. In addition various enviromental taxes are being implemented eg: electricity levy, carbon tax and waste levies.


Cova Advisory is one of only a handful of inspection bodies authorised by the South African National

Accreditation System (SANAS) to measure and verify energy savings. Our team has certified profes-

sionals to do this inspection work in Energy Measurement and Verification (M&V).

- Assisting various companies that are looking to obtain fiscal incentives - such as those offered under

- Section 12I and 12L of the Income Tax Act.

- Follow-up assessment once the approved project is up and running, to help quantify how well a client has met the requirements and to calculate actual amount of energy saved.

- Development of energy management plans.

- Policy advisory service on energy efficiency and energy management to Government and business associations.

- Advising on enviromental taxes.


It can be difficult to succeed in an environment where the goal posts are constantly shifting, where strategy is not always followed through with logic and consistency, where new challenges lurk around every corner. Cova has an experienced team, with a track record in both the public and private sectors. So we know the history and the intentions behind existing policy measures, as well as staying ahead of changes. We advise companies on the implimentation of the Industrial Policy ActionPlan.

Cova is not just a consultant which fills in forms, but we understand, and can explain and advise on the complex policy environment, and we partner with our clients to secure the best assistance on offer. Talk to us, and we will help you to tip the balance in favour of your next venture and assit you to understand how the South African Government can support your business.