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AT Kearney Profile

Now launching in South Africa for the first time, Factory of the Year has been the leading global benchmarking competition for manufacturing firms since 1992.

The intent of the competition is to identify and award excellence in operations of manufacturing companies. With rapidly changing developments in manufacturing through advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing, internet of things, big data, and advanced analytics, the bar for excellence is constantly moving.

Factory of the Year is globally regarded as the most rigorous operations assessment with performance assessed across the following areas: value creation, economics, innovation, quality, agility, and customer satisfaction. Participants in the Factory of the Year competition benefit from valuable insights into areas for improvement for their companies via a benchmarking report.

Participation is open to and encouraged across all manufacturing segments. Since 1992, a diverse array of industries have been represented including manufacturers in the automotive, CPG, high-tech, mining, and electronics sectors.