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25 June 2017
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24 Sep 2013
Preserving our Heritage through Art
Dominican Convent Youth Press team
In honor of South Africa's rich and diverse cultural heritage, Dominican Convent interview Lucky Ratlhagane who is a Conceptualist,Philosopher, Motivational speaker, Dancer and Choreographer. He...
Sijabulile Secondary Youth Press Team
True South African’s celebrate being different in the most exciting visual and tangible ways. The Sijabulile youth press team give us snippet of this in this video.
Celebrate our Heritage
Olifantsvlei Primary School
South African’s have many reasons to be proud of their Heritage. Olifantsvlei youth press team highlight some of these elements in this video.
Heritage in Muyexe Village
Hatlani Muyexe youth press team
Hatlani Muyexe youth press team show off their communities arts and culture, weaving and bead work, traditional dance and traditional sporting events. They are proud of their Heritage and encourage...
Beauty in my Heritage
Jeppe High School for Girls
What is beauty? The Jeppe High School for Girls youth press team are on a mission to find out the answer to this question and conclude that we should all celebrate our African beauty.
Music of the past
Dysselsdorp Secondary youth press team
Our musical heritage is so diverse and so interesting. The Dysselsdorp youth press team interview Mr Jannie Erasmus who owns a harp that is 150 years old. They believe that the music of the past...
16 Jul 2013
Legacy of a painful past
1913 Land Act - Dysselsdorp youth press team
This year marks 100 years since the the 1913 Land Act was implemented. The Dysselsdorp youth press team interview members of their community who open up about having their families displaced from...
1913 Land Act
1913 Land Act - Gaopotlake Secondary youth press team
2013 marks 100 years since the implementation of the 1913 Land Act. The Gaopotlake youth press team from the North West produced this video explaining the history and implications of this act in...
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