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25 June 2017
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20 Jun 2017
Technology and minimum wages are likely to change the mix of capital and labour in industry
While technology is making capital cheaper, policies like the national minimum wage will make labour more expensive. What does this mean for the choices firms make in terms of labour and capital...
30 May 2017
A job in the informal sector reduces poverty about as much as a job in the formal sector
In the aggregate, earnings from jobs in the informal sector play a small role in reducing national poverty rates, especially because there are relatively few informal-sector jobs. However, if we...
10 May 2017
‘You can’t bite the hand that feeds you’: Contracts between SME suppliers and the large supermarkets
This article examines the implications of the contracts between the four main South African supermarkets and their SME suppliers. Supermarkets’ procurement practices, in particular their practice...
19 Apr 2017
Innovative joint ventures can boost agricultural production and promote agrarian transformation
Growing agriculture can reduce poverty, create economic opportunities in rural and peri-urban areas, and boost employment, particularly for semi- and unskilled workers. We review several successful...
30 Mar 2017
What makes the rand so volatile: global or home-made factors?
Exchange-rate volatility can complicate decisions concerning trade and investment and constrain a country’s economic growth. Understanding what contributes to a currency’s volatility is an...
01 Mar 2017
Could informal enterprises stimulate township economies? A study of two Midrand townships
Informal enterprises are perceived to lack the necessary business and economic fundamentals to stimulate their local economies. However, informal enterprises are not homogenous. In a study of...
17 Jan 2017
Factors contributing to the demise of informal enterprises: evidence from a Cape township
The reasons for the closure of fairly well-established informal enterprises are varied. Between 2010 and 2015, in the Cape Flats township of Delft South, a key factor was the failure to respond...
13 Dec 2016
Youth unemployment: what can we do in the short run?
The challenge of youth unemployment is shaped by factors in both the labour market and the education system, alongside intricate community, household and individual-level issues. This complex...
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