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25 June 2017
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Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill B17-2017
[B.17 - 2017]
To  provide  for  a  social  security  scheme  for  the  victims  of  road  accidents;  to establish  the  Road  Accident  Benefit  Scheme  Administrator  to  administer  and implement the scheme;...
National Public Health Institute of South Africa Bill B16-2017
[B.16 - 2017]
To provide for the establishment of the National Public Health Institute of South Africa  in  order  to  coordinate,  and  where  appropriate  to  conduct,  disease  and injury surveillance; to...
National Health Laboratory Service Amendment Bill B15-2017
[B.15 - 2017]
To amend the National Health Laboratory Service Act, 2000, so as to define certain expressions and to amend or delete certain definitions; to make the Preferential Procurement  Policy  Framework...
National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Bill B14-2017
[B.14 - 2017]
To amend the— ● National Environmental Management Act, 1998, so as to correct the citation to the definition of ‘‘Constitution’’; to correct the definition of ‘‘environmental mineral resources...
Copyright Amendment Bill B13-2017
[B.13 - 2017]
To amend the Copyright Act, 1978, so as to define certain words and expressions; to allow for the reproduction of copyright work; to provide for the protection of copyright  in  artistic  work;  to...
Communal Property Associations Amendment Bill B12-2017
[B. 12 - 2017]
To amend the Communal Property Associations Act, 1996, so as to amend, insert and delete certain definitions; to provide for clarity on the objective of communal property associations; to extend...
Legal Practice Amendment Bill B11-2017
[B. 11 - 2017]
To amend the Legal Practice Act, 2014, so as to further regulate the prescription of the areas of jurisdiction of the Provincial Councils; to provide that only practising legal practitioners may...
International Arbitration Bill B10-2017
[B. 10 - 2017]
To provide for the incorporation of the Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration, as adopted by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, into South African law; to provide...
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