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Ziemann Holvrieka


Stand 166

Tel: +49 7141 408213

Email: claudia.halici@ziemann-holvrieka.com

Web: www.ziemann-holvrieka.com

Founded in 1852, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of process technology and tanks for different industries.

We provide customized turnkey brewery plants as well as individual components for the entire brewing process from the malt intake to the bright beer cellar: grist mills, mash vessels, lauter tuns, mash filters, whirlpools, wort kettles and cooling systems, fermentation & storage tanks, bright beer and yeast tanks and all required CIP tanks. We plan, engineer, automate and install the complete process technology. Moreover we support our customers in developing individual beer recipes in our own pilot brewery.

In the liquid food and beverage sector, we build, deliver and install special milk tanks as well as juice tanks for concentrate and direct juices. These tanks meet the highest requirements with regard to the quality of their inner surfaces. Furthermore, the tanks meet the growing demand in the market for larger tanks with greater storage capacities.