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Software well suited for food and beverage industry

FEEDING THE INTEGRATION NEED Syspro 8 fills the need for system integration in industry

Having supplied big beverage and baking goods suppliers with its software, Syspro believes that its Syspro 8 system is well suited to the food and beverage industry.

The Syspro 8 system includes the integration of several new features, comprising machine learning, and social media as collaboration. This provides business owners with instant insight into the status, condition or health of key performance indicators aimed at promoting proactive action while driving improved business behaviour.

Key manufacturers in the industry have taken up the Syspro 8 system to streamline their productivity and performance using an effective enterprise resource planning system.

“Knowledge is not valuable if it’s not shared, relevant, accurate and actionable. So, often, businesses fail because there are disconnects and silos that block the flow of information,” says Syspro Africa regional product manager Deidre Fryer.

She adds that operating in a flexible, adaptable, “foresight-rich” environment enables a client to make quick decisions that will benefit the bottom line and take advantage of potential opportunities. To foster such an environment, a client needs to be getting the most value from its data analytics.

The Syspro 8 system has been developed to remove potential disconnects in a system and enhance productivity by simplifying the user experience and providing actionable insights that drive positive business behaviour.

Syspro has many clients in the manufacturing and distribution sectors in the food and beverage industry, including dairy, poultry, food processing, the start of the supply chain in agriculture, and the production of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Its clients also extend to the outbound portion of the supply chain, with clients in the food packaging industry.

The Syspro 8’s integrated nature enables full backward and forward traceability, as well as comprehensive recordkeeping to meet strict compliance requirements. The Syspro 8 system facilitates the recording of traceability and quality data on materials and products, from purchase to inspection, manufacturing, manufacturing inspection, stocking and sales.

The recording of expiry and shelf-life information is also facilitated, and powerful queries allow for searches by stock code, lot number and transaction type.

Users of Syspro’s software have said that it adds much needed insight to managing work in progress, streamlining production, labour costs and gaining better inventory control. It also supports companies’ growth and enables them to forecast and make more careful buying decisions.