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SCHAFER Container Systems



KEGnology® - Returnable beverage containers made from stainless steel (KEGs) for the beverage industry:

  • Pure stainless steel KEGs as well as partly and fully coated KEGs
  • for beer, wine and soft drinks
  • Dispense systems
  • Self-service Party-KEGs
  • KEG Service
  • Stainless steel brewery tanks

SCHÄFER Container Systems, an innovative manufacturer of high-quality container systems (KEGs) for beverages and of IBCs and special stainless steel containers for liquids, solids and granulates, is part of the internationally successful SCHÄFER WERKE.

This owner-led enterprise is headquartered in Neunkirchen in Germany´s Siegerland region and operates globally with diversified business areas: EMW Steel Service Centre, perforated sheets, standard and special containers in stainless steel and installations for data centres, workshops and factories. The work of all divisions is based on high-quality fine steel sheet. The processing of this material is one of the core competencies of this enterprise.

SCHÄFER Container Systems

Pfannenbergstraße 1

57290 Neunkirchen


Phone: +49 2735 787-481

E-Mail: info@schaefer-container-systems.de

Web: https://schaefer-container-systems.com


Stand H5 160