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Lighting up your site with Atlas Copco’s V3+ light tower

Industries are under constant pressure to meet deadlines which requires many companies to extend their working hours well into the night. Without the necessary lighting facilities companies can face operational downtime which can ultimately lead to production losses and increased costs.

Atlas Copco Power Technique, a specialist in portable power product solutions, recognises this growing need by customers for extended working hours whilst not compromising on safety.

In answer to this, the company offers a beacon of light in the form of the compact, innovative and highly cost-effective HiLight light tower range featuring advanced and efficient LED technology.

“Our HiLight range of light towers has been specifically designed to provide efficient optimal lighting performance for greater visibility, improved working conditions and enhanced worker safety after dark,” states David Stanford, Atlas Copco Power Technique Business Line Manager, Portable Products.

This flexible and economic lighting solution meets a diverse range of applications in industries such as construction, roadworks, mining and quarrying. These innovative light towers carry Atlas Copco’s globally renowned robust build quality and compact size. Furthermore, the units are extremely user friendly with its simple plug and light composition.

The HiLight V3+ LED 4 x 120W electric light tower is one of the most versatile light towers in the HiLight product suite. The fully directional capability of the LED lenses which boast a unique optic design ensures maximum light distribution thereby reducing lighting waste. A single HiLight V3+ tower impressively provides 3 000 m2 light coverage with a 10 lux average. Lamp durability or life expectancy is an industry-leading 30 000 hours.

The H5+, the flagship in the HiLight range features a 20 lux average and up to 5 000 m2 effective lighting coverage. These enhanced lighting solutions provide customers the power of a full day and zero shadows to optimise on safety conditions.

“The efficient LED technology of our HiLight range delivers substantial savings per unit per annum especially when compared to a metal halide tower,” states Stanford.

Atlas Copco Power  Technique“Due to its smart design, Atlas Copco LED HiLight towers positions us as a frontrunner when it comes to fuel efficiency,” comments Stanford. He adds that in remote locations where there is no access to a grid or in the event of a power failure, the HiLight V3+ can utilise Atlas Copco iP and P generators as a power source.

The HiLight tower is perfectly suited to tough environments with lamps comprising of a robust aluminium casting that provides heavy duty protection, even during transportation. These light towers feature a rugged steel frame with PE bumpers which are manufactured to the same standards as the HardHat® Canopy that increases protection of all internal parts. “With a compact footprint, the V3+ is easy to install and transport which facilitates movement in harsh working conditions typically found in the construction and roadworks industries,” affirms Stanford.

When it comes to service and maintenance, the V3+ offers customers a hassle-free experience with easy-to-access components. In addition to saving costs, prolonged service intervals deliver improved uptime for customers and end-users.

“We at Atlas Copco Power Technique stand behind our cutting-edge range of HiLight light tower solutions and endeavour to provide customers and end-users with top-end lighting for a safe, efficient and sustainably productive work site,” concludes Stanford.