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Industrial automation solutions improve South African industry's global competitiveness

Digitalisation and automation are driving South Africa towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where smart technology improves efficiency, upskills workers and creates new jobs. At the forefront of South Africa's industrial revolution is automation specialist PCMP.

The Pretoria-based company boasts a team of 15 experts that conduct a detailed analysis of their clients' manufacturing processes, before providing customised state-of-the-art solutions for all areas of production.

PCMP's core objective is to provide a full turnkey industrial automation service under one roof.

"Our engineers have the skills and expertise to integrate automation hardware and software from a variety of manufacturers.

The end result is a highly-efficient and integrated system designed to the exact specification of any application," says PCMP director Matthew Cramb.

PCMP engineers are industry-leading specialists in the world's top automation brands, including Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, OPCSystems.NET, Invensys WonderWare and ifm. "Our industrial automation service offering includes engineering consulting, project management and design that guarantees measurable results and a positive impact on any business," adds Cramb. 

PCMP also specialises in the manufacture of electrical components such as motor control centres (MCC), field panels and remote input/output (RIO) panels to exact client standards and specifications. PCMP electrical installation technicians also offer on-site installations and field commissioning.

As part of its value-added service offering, PCMP has invested in developing comprehensive service level agreements to ensure that the company fully understands every client's unique operating environment, and that it delivers flexible service solutions that provide ongoing business value.

"An increasing number of manufacturing businesses in South Africa are moving towards integrated automation solutions as the country continues its progression to Industry 4.0, and PCMP is helping them make the transition a seamless and profitable one," Cramb concludes.

About PCMP
PCMP provides its clients with a professional industrial automation service under one roof. PCMP's industrial automation service offering comprises of engineering consulting, project management and design. PCMP electrical service manufactures MCCs, field panels and RIO panels to customer standards and specifications. PCMP electrical has a skilled team of field installation technicians for on-site installations and field commissioning.

PCMP contact
Matthew Cramb
Phone: 012 665 0802