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Company Announcement: Juwi Constructs Most Powerful Wind Farm in Southwestern Germany

The construction work for the 23 wind turbines in Kirchberg in the Rhine-Hunsrueck district are in full swing. At the end of the year, the most powerful wind farm in Southwestern Germany will be put into  operation. The wind farm was constructed by renewable energy specialist juwi, has a total capacity of 53 megawatts per year and produces around 125 million kilowatt hours of clean wind power. This is equivalent to the annual electricity demand of 35,000 three-person households. The wind farm is operated by Cerventus Natural Energy, a joint venture between juwi renewable IPP GmbH & Co. KG and the utility Offenbach AG (EVO). Both companies hold half the shares in Cerventus.

Construction work in Kirchberg continues with great strides. The first wind turbines are already ready to operate. Each of the 23 Enercon E82 wind turbines has an output of 2.3  megawatts. The hub height is 138 meters, the rotor diameter 82 meters. In early summer 2012, the wind farm will be officially inaugurated.The wind farm Kirchberg is an additional important contribution to the energy revolution in the Rhine-Hunsrueck district. "The project generates energy where it is needed - close to the consumer," says Matthias Willenbacher, CEO of the juwi group. Michael Homann,  CEO of EVO, adds: "We want to create a decentralized energy system for the region and
its people - and we consistently focus on the development of renewable energies."

Manfred Jakobs, managing director of juwi renewable IPP, sees the wind farm Kirchberg as an excellent example of a state-border co-operation between a regional utility and a project developer. "The cooperation between juwi renewable IPP GmbH & Co. KG and the
utility Offenbach AG ensures an independent, secure and affordable supply of clean energy for the people in the region.” Juwi supports the Rhine-Hunsrueck district on its way to a regenerative full supply.

By the end of the year, seven wind farms with a total of 51 wind turbines and a total capacity of114 megawatts will be constructed by juwi in the district. Combined with the 50 turbines installed in previous years, the total wind energy capacity of all juwi-constructed projects climbs to around 200 megawatts. The approximately 100 turbines can generate about 500 million kilowatt hours of clean electricity. This is equivalent to the annual energy demand of 50,000 households. "This means that the region is already an exporter of electricity," says Matthias Willenbacher.