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BioTherm Energy achieves Commercial Operation of two Solar Energy Facilities

The Konkoonsies and Aries Solar Energy Facilities today announced that they reached commercial operation on 20th March 2014. The 10MW Konkoonsies PV Facility is located approximately 32km North East of Pofadder and the 10MW Aries PV facility is located approximately 40km South West of Kenhardt, both in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

These two facilities started to deliver a combined 20MW of electricity to the national grid in early December 2013 and earned early operating payments from Eskom in doing so.

The Aries and Konkoonsies projects developed by BioTherm Energy, are capable of generating 20.5 and 20.7 million kWh of clean power annually respectively. Its module surface area is approximately 133 000 square meters, and the two plants boast over 90 000 BYD solar modules installed by JUWI.
The regionalized growth of renewable energy such as solar, offers significant economic upliftment and assists in improving the local value chain. This is a great start for South Africa’s energy evolution and a step in the direction of a sustainable, low carbon environment.

BioTherm Energy, a Sub-Saharan renewable energy developer was awarded three Power Purchase Agreements in Round One of the Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme which is promoting the development of renewable energy projects throughout the country. This includes the two solar projects as well as a wind project in the Western Cape. For the next twenty years, these projects will provide benefits to the respective communities in which the projects operates. While the projects are small, BioTherm Energy is a firm believer that the impact it is making will nevertheless be beneficial to the communities that it serves.