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Bauer from BI drives innovation in the food and beverage industry

The AsepticDrive™ from Bauer Gear Motor, distributed locally by Bearings International (BI), is an asynchronous motor with a basic design that does away with a fan and cooling ribs. As a result, its entirely smooth outer casing makes it ideal for the strict hygiene requirements of the food and beverage industry.

In addition, the outer casing is sealed with a matching non-drive end shield. A standard feature is a stainless-steel round connector, itself with a smooth surface, that allows for quick and simple motor connection. This connector contains not only the motor contacts, but also those of the thermistors. The AsepticDrive™ can be fitted easily onto any gear in the BG, BF, BK, or BS Series, which translates into maximum flexibility in terms of design requirements.

Production areas in the food and beverage industry have special requirements in terms of hygiene and cleaning due to the perishable nature of the products, BI Business Unit Head Ross Trevelyan notes. Therefore most equipment is made from stainless steel to allow for thorough cleaning. Stainless steel also means that acid- or alkali-based cleaning agents can be used in combination with disinfectants, thereby ensuring that all bacteria and germs are destroyed.

With gear motors, however – which are generally mounted directly onto the machines – it has not been possible to meet these strict requirements in the past. This has mainly been due to the design of the housing structure. Inaccessible dirt concealed in the fans and cooling ribs resulted in recontamination of the production machinery.

“The development of the AsepticDrive™ by Bauer represents the latest innovation in drive technology for the food and beverage industry in particular,” Trevelyan highlights. The smooth surface means that it can be cleaned simply and effectively, without allowing any pockets of dirt to accumulate, and making it difficult for any deposits to adhere.

An additional benefit is that ambient and room-air infections are also prevented, as any germs that form under the cowling are not recirculated when the machinery is restarted. “In combination with the extensive gear series from Bauer, the AsepticDrive™ provides for a highly-effective and all-inclusive total solution for the food and beverage industry,” Trevelyan highlights.